Information about Dera Baba Nanak

Information about Dera Baba Nanak
Country: India

City: Dera Baba Nanak

Latitude and Longitude of Dera Baba Nanak

Longitude: 75.0167Latitude: 32.0333

The First Gurdwara of Sikhs

The First Gurdwara of Sikhs- The Madina of Sikhs..

Kartarpur, one of the great historical sites in Sikhdom, is where Guru Nanak breathed his last.

Actually, he had founded the settlement earlier in his life, and then in his later years he came back to spend the remaining part of his life there. Once through with his endless journeys, he tilled the land - setting an example of humility and the dignity of working with one’s own hands, reuniting with the common folk, whose suffering and sorrows he was so acutely aware of. Here, he also instituted the langar where all could eat and drink, irrespective of faith, gender and caste.


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