VOLUNTEER FOR Kartarpur Sahib Corridor

TeriSikhi will be only as strong as our volunteers—folks like you from all around the world who are willing to lend their time and their talents to get free access to the foundation of Sikhs.

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About Terisikhi

TeriSikhi is a non-profit 501 C (3) religious organization based in San Ramon, CA, USA.

The mission of TeriSikhi is to deliver the message of peace and harmony around the world –

Leading by example

Ethics first

An openness to Ideas

Dedication to excellence 

To get free access to the first Gurdwara( Temple) of Sikhs - Shri Kartarpur Sahib

To host a 3 days Interfaith event regarding Kartarpur Sahib Corridor in India and US.  To preach and practice the fundamentals of the Sikh religion. 

To improve the moral, social and historical consciousness of the Sikh Community.

To increase the religious and social consciousness among the younger generation of Sikhs through education, preaching and sports. 

To promote feelings of brotherhood with the international Community.  isverigeapotek.com